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Port of Tuzla

Home : Turkey : Tuzla LAT: 40° 50' N
LON: 29° 15' E

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  1. Tuzla Shipyards Port Authority Details
    Port of Tuzla, Turkey

  2. ID Shipping Agency Details
    Shipping Agency in İstanbul, Turkey

  3. Alarga Ship Supply Details
    We are an ISSA member general ship supplier based in Istanbul. We are fully at your disposal to satisfy your vessel's provision, technical store and marine paint requirements at all Turkish Ports.

  4. Elit Ship Supply Co. Details
    Conveniently located on the Asian side of Istanbul, Elit Ship Supply Company provides shipchandlery and repair services at Northwestern Turkish Ports.

  5. Becce Shipping Services Ltd Details
    All kind of agency service, shipyard & repairing assistance.

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