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Port of Ponta Delgada
Azores Portugal

Home : Portugal : Ponta Delgada LAT: 37° 44' 13" N
LON: 25° 39' 50" W

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  1. Port Authority Ponta Delgada Details
    Port of Ponta Delgada, São Miguel Island, Azores Islands Portugal

  2. Afonso H. O'Neill & Ca Lda Details
    Shipping agents in Aveiro, Leixões, Setúbal, Sines, Açores and Madeira, Portugal

  3. Bensaude Shipping Agents Details
    The best choice for rendering service to your vessels when calling any port of the Azores

  4. Portmar Shipping Agency Details
    Full Port Agency Services in main ports of Portugal, Cap Verde and Guinea.

  5. Navex Details
    Shipping agents in Portugal

  6. CMJ Rieff and Sons, Ltd Details
    Professional shipping agency services in all the islands of Azores

  7. Albano de Oliveira Sucessor Lda Details
    Full Ship Agency Services and Bunkerers at all Azorean Islands, Portugal

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