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Port of Martiques
Includes 7 marinas with in total 2,000 berths (1,000 in marinas and 1,000 ashore): - The Bassin de Ferrières, with 320 berths, - The Miroir aux Oiseaux (The Birds’ Mirror) and the Canal St Sébastien, with 180 berths, - The Port de Jonquières, communicating with the Etang de Berre (Lake Berre) with 100 berths, - The Port de Carro, a small fishing village with 200 berths, - The Anse des Tamaris and Anse des Laurons (Tamarisk Cove and Laurons Cove), two small natural harbours, with 140 berths. The dry port, ¨PORT MARITIMA, is located in the Ecopolis Sud industrial estate — 800 spaces.
Martigues, France
43° 24' 04" N / 005° 03' 01" E
France:zz Marinas French Mediterranean

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